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The History of our LEGO® City With Lights - Then and Now

Our family built our first small LEGO® city on Christmas of 1980 and thereafter it became a family Christmas tradition. We would keep it up for a while for our four sons to play with and enjoy, and then take it down until the following Christmas at which time Santa would bring wonderful new additions to our ever-growing town. This family tradition kept up until 1996 when all but one of our sons were adults living on their own.

Our love of LEGOS® didn't stop in 1996 though as we became adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL). We kept on collecting new LEGO® kits, and with the encouragement of our sons, we built our largest town ever ten years later in 2006. Although our sons' lives became busy with all of the responsibilities of adulthood, marriage, and children, the idea of an even larger LEGO® city continued to stay alive long after our 2006 build.

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Then in late 2017 the spark was re-kindled and we began planning and acquiring the majority of LEGO® City kits that had come out since our last build. Our goal wasn't just to build an even larger LEGO® brick town with lights this time, but rather to build a one-of-a-kind, very highly detailed, fully LED lit, museum quality, world treasure for children and adult fans of LEGO® of all ages around the world to enjoy seeing. We wanted to positively impact the lives of children and adults worldwide by giving them a chance to see a LEGO® town with lights that was so special that they otherwise would never have been able to see and enjoy.

When we began our latest construction in early 2018, none of us imagined just how breathtakingly magical a LEGO® city with lights would look when built and lit up because no one else had ever built a highly detailed, fully LED lit LEGO® town of this size before. But once we got started, and with each passing week of construction and lighting, our belief continued to become ever stronger that our 274 baseplate town should actually be six times larger so that we could include virtually all of the LEGO® kits ever built that would be suitable for a city setting, light everything up with thousands more miniature LED lights, and make our final town the most highly detailed, and breathtaking LEGO® city with lights ever built.

So as of this writing in September 2019, we have now accumulated well over 1,000 LEGO® brick kits to make a 1,500+ base plate, fully LED lit LEGO® town with lights a reality. All that is needed now is the physical space to build this elegant and dazzling new town on a scale that no one has ever seen before.

Whether you currently have a LEGO® city in the process of being built, plan on resurrecting your old LEGO® bricks to make a glorious new creation for your own enjoyment, or for your children or grandchildren, or just have very fond memories of your time building LEGO® kits in the past, our videos on YouTube and photos on Pinterest will inspire you, brighten your day, feed your imagination, bring back old memories, and are a must-see for anyone who has ever enjoyed building LEGO® brick kits.

We sincerely hope that you’ll experience the same level of enjoyment that our family has. We all need to see and be a part of more wholesome and magical experiences in our lives. We hope that seeing our LEGO® city with lights will brighten you day, and bring inspiration, happiness, and enjoyment to your life.

Please feel free to download and save our list of kits that we own that will be in our next 1,500+ base plate town.

We always love hearing from others who love building LEGO® brick cities as much as we do, so please feel free to email us at comments@brickcitylights.com


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