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Enjoy the magic of the world's largest known fully LED lit LEGO® city; foster your creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness;
and watch our museum-quality LEGO® city exhibit with lights grow to over 1,500 baseplates and a population of over 5,000 citizens!
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What Happened To Our Initial Business Plan That We Now Need Your Help

creativeFirst and foremost, we are not trying to raise funds for a business that will be generating any revenue. Our mission is to raise funds to acquire and maintain the space needed to greatly expand our existing breathtakingly unique, museum-quality exhibit that is meant to instill and encourage creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness in children. If you’re a parent, grandparent, or teacher of any subject at any grade level, you're already fully aware of the positive impact that these qualities have on a child's development.

Help Us Grow

When our family owned business, Brick City Lights LLC, decided to dramatically expand our previous LEGO® exhibit in 2019 and to make it a breathtaking exhibit by adding miniature LED lighting throughout, our initial business plan was that we would continue to purchase all of the LEGO® products that are released each year on our own which we have done, and then earn an income from the typical short ads that are normally seen at the beginning of YouTube videos. That revenue would have allowed us to acquire the space for our next major expansion in 2021. No sooner had we finished building our current exhibit in late 2019 that YouTube entered into a 170 million dollar settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over numerous violations of the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). In a nutshell, COPPA prohibits ads from being shown on videos that are clearly made for children like our videos are. The concern of the FTC was that children may be exposed to ads meant for adults, click on those ads, and then furnish personal information to the advertisers. As a result of the financial settlement with the FTC, YouTube shifted the responsibility of labeling videos as "made for children" to the creator of the video who posted it on YouTube. If the creator of a video posted on YouTube that is clearly targeting an audience of children does not label their video(s) as "made for children" so that YouTube won't insert short ads, the FTC can impose a fine of $42,000 per incident on the creator of the video, and not YouTube.

Although many adults also enjoy seeing our videos, because our exhibit is clearly directed towards children, we have had to label all of our videos as "made for children" and we can therefore no longer include any ads which would allow us to earn revenues regardless of the age of the viewer.

Even though we can no longer earn revenue from ads inserted at the beginning of our YouTube videos which would have allowed us to acquire the space we need, our mission to inspire creativity, curiosity, inventiveness, and imagination in children around the world hasn't changed in the slightest. Only the financial path we will have to take to acquire the space we need for our greatly expanded exhibit has changed and this is why we are asking for your donation. We don’t have the patrons and donors that large museums are fortunate to have so our only remaining avenue to acquire funds for the space to make this wonderful exhibit a reality for children will be through contributions to our Go Fund Me campaign. When combined together with the six figure investment that our family has already made in this museum-quality exhibit, and the future purchases of LEGO® kits that our family will continue to make, we will all be leaving a lasting and meaningful gift to all of the children around the world for decades to come.

Like all of the other LEGO® collectors and builders around the world, we know that there is a limit to any single family's financial resources, the space that they have available, and the time and creativity that they have to devote to creating a highly detailed and fully lit exhibit of this magnitude. Unless we are able to acquire the space we need, it is highly doubtful that anyone else will ever accomplish what we will be doing right now, and then making it available for free online for all of the children around the world to enjoy. As one of the largest collectors of new LEGO® kits in the world, we are thoroughly equipped and highly qualified to make this next exhibit a reality for children to enjoy.

Thank You For Helping Us Instill Creativity, Inventiveness, Curiosity, and Wholesome Imagination in Children Around The World!

creativitykidsAs parents of four adult sons and four grandchildren, my wife and I developed a passion to engage young minds and inspire creativity and imagination in children a long time ago. We deeply believe that our goal of inspiring wholesome imagination and creativity in children is a very worthy goal as it leads to greater levels of achievement in their later years. From the beginning, we've believed that other parents, grandparents, and teachers will believe as we do that our greatly expanded exhibit will be a very worthwhile project for the development of curiosity, imagination, creativity, and inventiveness in children around the world. But, we definitely need your support at this time to acquire the space to make this free exhibit a reality for children around the world. My wife and I sincerely hope that you will make a donation and would like to thank you in advance for your very meaningful contribution!

If you have any questions. please feel free to email us at comments@brickcitylights.com



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