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Enjoy the magic of the world's largest known fully LED lit LEGO® city with lights
and watch us continue to grow to a LEGO® city with lights covering over 1,500 base plates!
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Watch Us Grow from 274 Base Plates to over 1,500 Base Plates and Learn Our LED Lighting Techniques

With your help, once we've raised the funds to acquire the space to enlarge our 274 base plate town to over a 1,500+ base plate town, we will start releasing new videos on our Brick City Lights YouTube channel and posting new photos on Pinterest site on a regular basis so that you can be watching the progress that we make each week and the new techniques that we'll be using to build our new largely expanded LEGO® brick town with lights.

Prior to the time that we acquire our larger space and begin building, we will be releasing new videos each month which will include the process and techniques that we used in the following areas:

  • The different methods of planning and creating our design blueprints which we have used on our current and all of our past LEGO® brick towns
  • The unique construction process of how we build and make our table tops expandable, perfectly level, while at the same time being portable enough to easily pack away until it's time for another LEGO® brick town build
  • The parts and processes that we have used for all of our custom lighted creations including our lighted park perimeter, our lighted tree and floral corners, our lit communication towers, the lights in our construction yard, delivery center, and train yard, and the lighting that we've have used to line our airport runways and helipads
  • Wiring and running power safety tips for your LEGO® city with lights
  • The detailed interior decorating tips which are present in all of our residential homes and larger commercial buildings
  • Creating custom built video equipment – what we used and how we shot our different videos
  • Keeping your LEGO® brick display clean - a major task if you have a large display and like to keep it dust-free

These videos will be extremely useful for any LEGO® brick enthusiast, and most of the concepts will apply to any of the different LEGO® themed kits no matter what you love building with LEGO® bricks.

If you'd like to watch our town grow from 274 base plates to over 1,500 base plates and you're either a child or an adult fan of LEGO® (AFOL), we hope that you'll subscribe to us on our Brick City Lights YouTube channel so that you can enjoy seeing our new town come to life. You'll also be able to offer suggestions and ideas that you’d like to see incorporated in our final town. Hopefully, one of you reading this right now will be one of the next people to make a large-scale fully lit LEGO® brick display from the tips and insights that we'll be sharing with you from our decades of past experience in addition to watching how we'll be building our next major expansion.


Thank You for Helping Us Acquire A Larger Space for Our 1500+ Base Plate LEGO® City with Lights!

Help Us Grow
Thank You For Your Help!
Thank you for your help and your support! We hope that you've been enjoying all of our photos and videos!

If you've been enjoying the 30 videos of our LEGO® city with lights on our YouTube site and the 460 photos of our town on our Brick City Lights Pinterest site, we hope that you'll make a small donation so that we acquire the space that we need to complete the final phase of expanding our town to over 1,500 base plates. As we mentioned on our plans for expansion web page, we already own all of the LEGO® brick kits and base plates that we'll need to make a 1,500+ baseplate, fully LED lit, LEGO® brick town with lights a reality for every fan of LEGO® around the world to enjoy seeing for decades to come. As of September 1, 2019 shortly before we launched our web site, we already owned well over 1,000 brand new LEGO® brick kits, and we will continue to purchase new releases as they come out. So we're definitely not looking for donations to purchase any more LEGO® brick kits. To the best of our knowledge, this town will include virtually all of the LEGO® brick kits released since 1980 which we felt were suitable for a town setting. It is a legacy that any adult who loves LEGO® brick kits can be very proud to be a part of, and will certainly enjoy seeing the breathtaking view of the world's largest known LEGO® brick city with lights on our YouTube site and our Pinterest site.

The only thing that we need now is the space to build this incredibly large, well-organized, highly-detailed, fully LED lit town, and this is where your help is truly invaluable. The total expense of bringing a town of this size and detail to life is more than anyone can accomplish individually, but by working together as a worldwide community, we can bring this magnificent town to life and make it a reality for everyone to enjoy. We've already made the financial and time commitment to get us most of the way there, but we do need your help with the final phase – that of acquiring the space to build this one-of-a-kind LEGO® brick town.

With decades of experience in designing and building large, well-organized, and highly detailed LEGO® brick towns, and owners of one of the of the world's larger and most complete collections of the LEGO® brick city kits since 1980, we believe we are uniquely qualified to make this massive endeavor a reality. We truly hope that you will give us your support by joining other adults who are supporting this worldwide initiative to create a museum quality magical experience for adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL) to enjoy seeing.

If you're an adult, your small donation of even a few dollars can make a very big difference when you understand that you are acting in concert with thousands of other adult LEGO® brick enthusiasts. You’re part of an international club of adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL) where our common bond is a shared love for LEGO® bricks and the enjoyment they can bring. Your one-time donation of even a few dollars is very important and will be appreciated by everyone else who is helping to support this project and bring it to life.

You may make any size contribution to help us acquire our larger space by clicking the PayPal link below or by mail.
If you're using PayPal, send any amount to: Twinkle@BrickCityLights.com
by mail to:

Brick City Lights LLC
335 E. Geneva Rd #232
Carol Stream, IL 60108


All donations of any size are extremely important to help us acquire the space that we need, and we truly thank you for joining the worldwide community of adult LEGO® brick lovers who are a very important part of bringing the world's largest and most spectacular fully LED lit LEGO® brick town to life.

In closing, we want to thank you for your support in seeing this dream become a reality, and we hope that you'll enjoy seeing a gorgeous 1,500+ fully LED lit base plate LEGO® brick city with lights come to life for you to enjoy seeing on both our YouTube channel and our Pinterest site. Whether you're still an active LEGO® brick builder or you still remember the wonderful time you used to have building your own LEGO® brick creations, we sincerely hope that you'll make a small donation to bring the joy of seeing a truly world-class LEGO® dream town to any adult fan of LEGO® (AFOL) who enjoys the pleasures and fun of building and seeing gorgeous LEGO® brick creations.

What Else You Can You Do to Help Make This 1,500+ Baseplate, Fully LED Lit Town a Reality for Everyone to Enjoy Seeing?

Email us with comments and suggestions about what you like or don't like about our current designs and our future plans. We don't hold a patent on creativity so we welcome everyone's ideas and suggestions. And if you have photos of custom built buildings that you've created or have seen online, email those to us as well. You can also help by spreading the word about what we’re doing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Feel free to use any of the photos that you see on our Pinterest site in your communications and you can link to our Brick City Lights YouTube Channel as well. Please ask your friends to help make this go viral so that we can begin building as soon as possible, and so that you and everyone else can begin enjoying watching one of the world's largest, best organized, best detailed, and of course the only fully LED lit LEGO® brick town come to life.

We always love hearing from other adults who love building with LEGO® bricks as much as we do, so please feel free to email us at comments@brickcitylights.com


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