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An Overview of Our Next 1,500+ Base Plate LEGO® City Exhibit and How the Imagery Will Have an Inspirational Impact on Children to Foster Their Own Creativity, Imagination, Curiosity, and Inventiveness

Our first goal is to create a never before seen, one-of-a-kind, museum-quality LEGO® city exhibit with lights that will incorporate virtually all of the LEGO® brick kits suitable for use in a town setting that have been released over the past 40 years so that both children and adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL) of all ages can enjoy seeing all of the kits together in a single well organized town. Our second goal is make an enormous amount of photos and videos available to instill and encourage creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness in children for decades to come just like we've already begun doing. This is the legacy we want to pass on to both current and future generations of both children and adult LEGO® builders.

creativityIn addition to seeing our own custom LEGO® brick creations, viewers of the photos and videos of our unique and vastly expanded exhibit will be able to explore the full 40-year history and evolution of LEGO® City kits, and the intricate artistry of over 1,300 unique LEGO® brick kits all in one enormous, awe-inspiring, thoughtfully organized exhibit that is gorgeously detailed. But even more importantly, our plans don’t stop there. Of noteworthy significance is the fact that unlike most museum exhibits which remain stagnant and in their original form for decades, we will continue to purchase new releases of LEGO® brick kits so that our exhibit will continue to expand both in size and beautiful detail.

Also of major importance is the fact that in our next giant exhibit, we won’t just be showing hundreds of videos and thousands of photos of the finished exhibit, but we will also be showing the planning and diagramming of the exhibit; all of the creative and imaginative ways that we construct the table top base so that it is easily expandable and stays perfectly level for decades, how we prepare the table top for easily concealable USB wiring; the variety of USB power sources, dimmers and hubs that we use; the variety of different miniature USB lighting used throughout the town and in our airport runways and helipads; the creative and decorative enhancements that we incorporate both inside and outside all of the buildings and houses; the botanical and lighting enhancements that turn the finished exhibit into a truly magical experience that will foster creativity and inventiveness in children, and finally a video about keeping your LEGO® brick display clean which is a major task if you have a large display and like to keep it dust-free.

paintAs you will see in one of our videos (below) that we recorded in October 2018 - a year before we finished building and went live online at the end of 2019, we show 126 new LEGO® kits that we hadn't even opened and built. Since then, we've purchased hundreds of new LEGO® brick kits that are just waiting to be built along with the 126 kits shown in the video. And this is in addition to the hundreds of vehicles, boats, and planes that have already been built and that are just waiting for adequate space to be displayed. That brings our total number of unique numbered LEGO® brick products to well over 1,300 as of this writing which will result in an incredible view of the majority of LEGO® town and city kits released since 1980 all together in one incredible, well organized, and highly detailed exhibit. And with an estimated population of over 5,000 LEGO® citizens, we will continue the same themes of people at work, people at play, people going places, and even more social interactivity. So we have the kits, and we have the know-how. All we need now is just the space to build the world's largest museum-quality, fully LED lit LEGO® city exhibit ever seen. This is where our Go Fund Me campaign comes into play.

You can also download the full list of over 1,300 different LEGO® brick kits that we already own as of February 2021 and which will be part of our new 1,500+ baseplate town exhibit using the following link.

Download and save our list of kits that we own.


LEGO Expansion Click here to watch our
Expansion Plans Video

In this video we discuss our plans to expand our LEGO® town exhibit from 274 base plates to over 1,500 base plates. The main reason that we originally shot this video a year before we put our videos online was to let everyone know that we are indeed a major collector of LEGO® city kits that have been released since 1980 and that we really do have definite plans to build a magnificent new LEGO® town exhibit with lights. Since this video was shot, we have added hundreds more new kits to our collection.


The Layout of Our LEGO® City Exhibit With Lights as of 2019 Before Expansion


2018 Layout

Specific Details About Our Expansion Plans For a Fully LED Lit 1,500+ Base Plate LEGO® City Exhibit With Lights

Our table below will give you an idea of what new areas we will be adding to the town exhibit, and how much larger each of our existing areas will be. More importantly, below the table is a brief overview of what we will be building in each area. Based on the minifigure counts in the unbuilt kits plus additional minifigures that we've been purchasing, our new town population should be approximately 6,000 LEGO® citizens! Please remember that we already own all of these kits. They are securely locked up off-site in an indoor temperature controlled Public Storage unit, and are just waiting for us to acquire the space to build this magnificent new town.

Area Description   October 2019 Layout Base Plate Count New 2021 Planned Layout Base Plate Count
Lakes and Interconnecting Rivers  
Beach and Giant Water Slide  
Large Metropolitan Downtown Area  
Amusement Park  
Freight Train Unloading and Delivery Center  
Construction Yard  
Train Yards (2) - For Freight Trains & Passenger Trains  
Small Plane Airport  
Parking Area For Small Planes
New for 2021
Large Jet Airport
New for 2021
Parking Area for Large Jets
New for 2021
Warehouse Area
New for 2021
North Woods - For Camping, Fishing, and Hiking
New for 2021
Commercial Area by North Woods
New for 2021
Farm (Including 3 of Our 6 New Wind Turbines)
New for 2021
Suburban Downtown Area - Smaller Buildings
New for 2021
Asian Architecture Kits Including Some Ninjago
New for 2021
Harry Potter World
New for 2021
Disney Castle Area
New for 2021
Winter Village
New for 2021
Outdoor Race Car Museum
New for 2021
Under Active Construction by LEGO® Workers
New for 2021
Dirt Track for Dune Buggies, Race Cars, and Dirt Bikes
New for 2021
Renewable Energy Station Including 20 Large Solar Panels and 7 Motorized Wind Turbines
New for 2021
Total Base Plates Used  

Renewable Energy Station Including 20 Large Solar Panels & 7 Motorized Wind Turbines – One of our goals is to have our LEGO® brick town exhibit be a model for green cities of tomorrow representing the future of what our planet needs for long term survival. To increase the awareness of the benefits of renewable clean energy, our town will include a new 20 baseplate area with 20 custom-built large LEGO® brick solar panels measuring 12 by 12 pegs each, along with four motorized wind turbines (model #10268) and three motorized wind turbines (model #7747) that will make up the simulated renewable energy generation for the entire town. Climate change is affecting not only people, but also animals, fish, and all of the ecosystems throughout the world. This clean energy section of our town is meant to draw attention to these facts and how further commitments to more clean energy will help to preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come.

Residential – The residential area will increase from our current 19 houses on 48 baseplates which includes streets, to an area comprised of 129 baseplates and approximately 40 homes. Each of the lots will become larger to accommodate room for more outside family activities, and the many of the new large two-story homes will be custom built. The residential area will also include Ole Kirk's house (the founder of LEGO®). This gorgeous home was kit #4000007 which was a Christmas gift to LEGO® employees in 2012. We were very fortunate to be able to acquire Ole's house in a brand new factory sealed box.

Lakes and Interconnecting Rivers – The lake area will dramatically increase in size from 4 to 96 baseplates and will be segmented into separate areas for different types of water activities. It will be comprised of several lake areas that will be interconnected by river waterways comprised of single rows of additional blue baseplates. It will allow space for a commercial harbor for large commercial vessels, a new Coast Guard facility, ferry landing dock, fishing, recreational boating, and swimming. It will include the vast majority of all of the recreational and commercial boats that LEGO® has made over the years.

Beach and Giant Water Slide – The beach area will not only increase in size from 5.5 baseplates to 12 baseplates to allow for more social interaction and fun in the sun, but it will also include a multi-story tall water park slide.

Park Area – Our park area will increase in size from 13.5 to 42 baseplates with even more large custom built trees and flowers, and will accommodate more outdoor activities and social interaction. We will also be adding an adjacent dog park.

Large Metropolitan Downtown Area – Our showcase downtown area which is comprised of the large LEGO® modular buildings will increase in size from 108.5 to 207 baseplates. In addition to tripling the size of the Grand Emporium and doubling the size of the Assembly Square, we will also be adding all of the rest of the existing and newly released large modular downtown buildings which we already own. We will also be adding several custom built high-rise office buildings.

Amusement Park – The amusement park will more than double in size from 21 to 52 baseplates to allow for another roller coaster, a go cart track, video arcade game building, numerous other smaller attractions which have been released this past year, plus any other new amusement park releases that come out over our two year building period.

Freight Train Unloading and Delivery Center – Our freight train unloading and delivery area which includes numerous overhead cranes will increase from 24.5 to 60 baseplates to accommodate the additional rail spurs which will run through that area.

Construction Yard – Our construction yard area will increase from 15 to 42 baseplates and will include the public works center along with the dozens of smaller scale construction vehicles that aren't currently out on a job somewhere in town.

Train Yards – As is the case with everything else that we're describing on this page, we already own these new trains and will doubling our number of our existing motorized freight and commuter trains from 8 to 17. Instead of a single train track, we will have multiple train tracks going through, and surrounding our new town. We will be increasing the size of our exiting train yard from 20 to 120 baseplates to accommodate not only the new trains, but also the additional train cars and switch tracks necessary for this large number of locomotives and train cars. There will be one train yard for freight trains and a second train yard for passenger trains, and each of the two train yards will be 60 baseplates in size.

Small Plane Airport – Our existing small plane airport will increase from 14 to 36 baseplates plus we will have 48 additional baseplates for permanent parking of the dozens of small LEGO® planes which we've built over the years so that our runways aren't clogged with dozens of planes at the same time.

Large Jet Airport – The size of the new jumbo jets which have been released by LEGO® over the past decade require a wider runway configuration than the smaller airplanes require. So we will be building a second airport comprised of 72 baseplates to accommodate the new larger passenger and cargo jumbo jets. And as we have planned for our smaller airport, we will be adding 36 additional baseplates of parking areas for the larger jumbo jets so that the runways aren't cluttered with planes.

Warehouse Area – This new 66 baseplate area will be adjacent to the freight train unloading and delivery center and will be comprised of custom built warehouses including the main centerpiece which will be a very large custom built LEGO® warehouse with numerous LEGO® semi-trucks being loaded in the rear area of the building.

North Woods – This new densely wooded 78 baseplate area which will be populated with dozens of tall custom made trees will border the north end of our expanded recreational lake area and will be a true paradise for campers, fishermen, hikers, rock climbers, and everyone who enjoys any aspect of the great outdoors. The centerpiece of the North Woods will be the gorgeous 14 inch tall tree house with 3 cabins which was released this summer of 2019. This beautiful tree house is reminiscent of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.

Commercial Area by the North Woods – Across from the north woods and adjacent lake area will be a 60 baseplate area with a number of commercial buildings including the Old Fishing Store built next to a pier, the forest police station, a diner, gas station, Coast Guard headquarters, several piers for the large commercial vessels and the ferry, plus the iconic Kwik-E Mart.

Farm - In addition to all of the LEGO® farm kits and numerous cows, pigs, hens, and roosters that we already own, we will also be including custom built crops on this sprawling 90 baseplate farm. Additionally, there will be a gorgeous custom built greenhouse, and on the southern edge of the farm will be our vastly expanded riding stable with numerous horses.

Suburban Downtown Area – This new 84 baseplate suburban downtown area will be comprised of the smaller scale commercial buildings that LEGO® has released over the years including those that we currently have around the perimeter of parts of our current town. And for lovers of popular old TV shows will be the very highly detailed LEGO® Central Perk from the "Friends" TV series which also features new look-alike minifigures of the seven stars of the show. And from the long-running "Sesame Street" series which began in 1969 will be the new LEGO® 123 Sesame Street kit along with minifigures of the five main characters of the popular children's show.

Asian Architecture – This very gorgeous new 24 baseplate area will include a number of new kits that were initially released only in the Asian markets. These new kits included a Chinese restaurant, lion dance, dragon dance, dragon boat race, and Chinese New Year Temple Fair. To accentuate these gorgeous kits, we will also be including the majority of the kits with very ornate architecture which are part of the NINJAGO® series. These kits will include the NINJAGO® City, City Docks, City Gardens, Temple of Airjitzu, and the Monastery of Spinjitzu among others. We won't be including any Ninja battles or warriors, but instead we will be focusing on the same type of Asian architectural beauty and diversity that you'd see in a large metropolitan city. When thoughtfully organized together in the same area of town, these two groups of kits will be very complimentary to each other and will make a breathtaking addition to an already gorgeous city.

Harry Potter World – We already have Harry, Hermione, and the rest of the crew walking around and enjoying our town, so we thought it would be especially nice to have a 24 baseplate area at the far edge of town which will include the Great Hall, Clock Tower, Astronomy Tower, Whomping Willow, and several other Harry Potter kits including the Hogwarts Express and train station to get them there for their magical training.

Disney Castle Area – This new 24 baseplate area will feature the new Disney Castle, train station, and train which were released in the fall of 2019 plus any additional Disney kits released in the future. The highly detailed replica of Cinderella's iconic castle also features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and the delightful Tinker Bell of course.

Winter Village – This new 36 baseplate addition will feature all of the LEGO® Winter Village kits released since 1980. Once we add the LED lighting, this area will transform into a sparkling winter wonderland!

Outdoor Race Car Museum – This new 36 baseplate addition will feature virtually every race car and dragster of every size and style released since 1980. It will also include all of the buildings and accessories which have come with the various race car track kits. It will include ample parking so that our citizens can visit with the dozens of drivers of every single race car on display in the outdoor race car museum, and of course, take selfies with the drivers too!

Under Active Construction by LEGO® Workers – This new 72 baseplate area will be home to the dozens of large scale construction vehicles, cranes, and kits that have been released by LEGO® over the years. The dozens of workers in this construction area will be both demolishing older buildings and building new commercial buildings using virtually all of the cranes and construction kits ever released. We plan on making this area as detailed and realistic as every other area in town.

Dirt Track for Dune Buggies, Dirt Track Cars, and Dirt Bikes – This new 20 baseplate area will be a wonderful new area for all of the gorgeous dune buggies, dirt track cars, and dirt bikes that have been released by LEGO® over the years to race around to their heart's content. Included in this area will be concession stands and ample parking for spectators to watch all of them in action.

Again, please remember that we already own all of these kits. The kits that aren't featured in our current 2019 layout are securely locked up off-site in an indoor temperature controlled Public Storage unit and are just waiting for us to acquire the funds to acquire the space to build this magnificent new museum-quality LEGO® city exhibit.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to subscribe to our Brick City Lights channel on YouTube to be a part of watching our 1,500+ base plate town being built, we welcome all ideas and photos of custom built buildings that you've seen that you think might make our new town look even more spectacular. We always love hearing from other adult fans of LEGO (AFOL) who love building with LEGO® bricks as much as we do, so please feel free to email your suggestions and photos to us at



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